We excel in customer service and exceeding the needs of our clients, community and health system.

Our liquid chromatography interfaced to tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) is used to deliver an unparalleled level of accurate and extensive data analysis.

Our medication monitoring system provides valuable information that increases the safety of prescribing medications by identifying the potential for overdose and drug interactions.

LC/MS/MS is the new gold standard of analytical toxicology and is an indispensable tool.

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Lab Quest is a state of the art, full service, high-complexity laboratory located in Costa Mesa, CA. We are the center of progress for patient care, providing testing and related services to physicians, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers and more. We provide comprehensive testing in the areas of Chemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Hematology, Anatomical Pathology, Cytopathology and Toxicology.

While unparalleled diagnostics remain at our core, our ultimate goal is to help physicians provide better service and to empower patients with the knowledge to better care for themselves. 

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Groups of tests that are routinely ordered to determine a person's general health status

Immunology Doctor Looking at a List of Allergies


Diagnostic analyses of blood that are capable of detecting abnormalities of the immune system

Microbiology laboratory work, comparing results


Test from patients for microorganisms that are, or may be, a cause of the illness

Platelet Rich Plasma Cosmetics Treatment, Drawing Blood


Hematology includes tests on the blood, blood proteins and blood-producing organs

Chemist Researcher Working on Microscope

Anatomical Pathology

Diagnosis based on the macroscopic, microscopic, biochemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs and tissues

Closeup of a senior female chemist setting up some sample blood tubes inside a centrifuge for some


The examination of cells from the body under a microscope to check for infection, inflammatory disease of the urinary tract, cancer, or precancerous conditions

Microscope in Laboratory


A toxicology test checks for drugs or other chemicals in your blood, urine, or saliva. Drugs can be swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin or a mucous membrane

Dedication. Compassion. Innovation.
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Comprehensive Test Services

The experience matters, and that’s why our clients choose to stay with us for the long haul. It’s also why we do things differently. While other laboratories may try to fit client needs into their system, we build our system around our clients’ needs. For us, collaborative medicine is what we practice. 

At Lab Quest, we understand the practice and the importance of laboratory medicine in ways that others do not. As a result, we sit at the forefront of customized healthcare – the future of patient care. It’s about greater efficiencies, better outcomes and improved lives, and it all starts at the center: with the trust of our clients, the loyalty of our patients and the support of the amazing people and specialized services that make Lab Quest what it is today.

Comprehensive Laboratory Services

Dedicated to Discovery, Committed to Care.

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